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03/08/09 11:55 PM #1    


Wendy Goertzen (Froese)

Welcome to the Eden Christian College High School Class Of 1978 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/27/12 11:46 AM #2    

Mark Penner

I am so glad you took the time to do this. I'm a poor communicator and should have looked for this sooner.

Funny how at 51+ my mind starts to reminisce past times of life.

09/16/13 11:12 PM #3    

Teacher -Jim London

Jake Wichert passed away August 17,  while on a trip in British Columbia.

11/05/13 10:22 AM #4    


Sharon Andres (Dirks)

Thanks again, Wendy!  That was a very special weekend.  I'm very glad I came.  It's in our 50's that we seem to be able to do some more serious reflection on our lives and to create meaning out of past experiences.  In addition, it's a season of having some fun times!  Blessings, all!

11/10/13 08:56 AM #5    

Joanne Heidebrecht (Schellenberg)

What a special weekend it was indeed!  Nice to catch up on Friday night, had some good laughs Saturday afternoon as we visited some of Niagara's finest wineries & had a lovely time having dinner with some "old" but gold friends.

CHEERS to a fantastic weekend! 

Jo S.

11/11/13 08:14 PM #6    

Anita Pauls (Litke)

It truly was so great to see faces from the past! A little bit of  change...a few more lines, a few grey or less hair but really not even very evident  as we saw each other again through the eyes of our youth. All of our unique personalities still shone  through as we remembered the past, but more importantly discovered the depth of our life experiences since 1978. Being able to reconnect in this way is so special even though our lives have spread in all directions both in vocation and location. God has blessed us in many ways and I will always be thankful for my years at Eden.

Anita (Neetz) Pauls-Litke

11/12/13 08:45 AM #7    

Dirk Hamm

Hi Kids, I have heard from a number of you what a great time you all had at the reunion. I wish i could have joined you. If we weren't in Europe at the time we would have been there in a heart beat. We are on week #9 of our 11 week  of "Doriann's & Dirk's 25th Anniversery  Adventure" and having the time of our lives. 

Hope to see you all at the 35th!


11/16/13 09:01 AM #8    

Joanne Heidebrecht (Schellenberg)

I love it Dirk!  You called us kids!! That is great!! We missed you too.  Hope your Europe trip was amazing.

12/23/13 08:49 PM #9    

Brad Dick

Hey everyone, Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the next year!


thanks for all the planning that went into the reunion in November. It sure was a lot of fun. Who would have though that after 35 years, we would still be getting together...




12/24/13 12:08 PM #10    

Rick Friesen (Rick & Rose Friesen)

We would also like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a wonderful time with family and friends.

It was awesome to see all our old friends from ECC days and we would encourage everyone who has not attended a reunion function yet, to come c'mon out. It was a 'blast from the past".

God's richest blessing to all fo you in the New Year of 2014.

Joyeux Noel from the province of "FAR TOO much ice and snow"!

Rick and Rose

12/25/13 12:14 AM #11    


Wendy Goertzen (Froese)

Merry Christmas everyone! 

I hope it is a joyful, peaceful, safe, relaxing and blessed time for you and your family.    


12/25/13 08:58 AM #12    


Mark Rosa

Many Blessings to everyone this Christmas Day !!!!  We are truly blessed by our Lord


12/26/13 08:54 AM #13    

Monika Klippenstein (Giesbrecht)

Hi there. Trust all of you have had an amazing blessed Christmas! Praying the year ahead is your best one yet! Happy New Year! Karl and Monika (Klippenstein) Giesbrecht.

12/28/13 04:51 PM #14    

Joanne Heidebrecht (Schellenberg)

Happy Birthday to all of the December babies that I missed!!  Also just want to wish everyone a blessed New Year! You are all so amazing! I have been so fortunate to have you all as classmates, and even now after years have gone by, even if it is just a few times a year, to still be in contact is awesome.

04/08/15 01:15 AM #15    

Jennifer Loewen

I have been a part of this website since I was invited to join quite a few years ago. I have seen and heard all about the class reunions that have been planned by Wendy, Beth, Lori, Rose et al...   I attended the first reunion at Queenston Heights and had a blast! It was a potluck picnic party held for ONE day with vollyball, baseball, water ballon fights, frisbee tournaments, and 3 legged races. If we were from out of town...we didn't have to rent hotel for fancy dinners or golf tee off times. There weren't trips to the vinyards or Friday Night pub crawls. And there sure weren't expensive trips to the Caribbean. If you "girls" and guys (Mark Rosa) are truly interested in being inclusive to bring the class of '78 together perhaps you should meet the alumini where the live. For most of us the name is NOT's Loewen, Wiens, Dueck and Penner. We are ordinary people who are just eeking out a living. We have bills and debt...and kids. We haven't been as lucky in life as you all have been. But we're managing. Most of us struggle to survive and can't afford the finer things in life. Our concerns are paying the mortgage, hydro, utilities and food bills. And it's a daily struggle. We can't spend what little money we have left on a weekend in, wine, golf  fees, wine tours and drinks at the "club"...etc, while the out-of- towners must pay for hotel rooms for 2 nights for multiple people on top of it all. I am so very happy for those who are MORE fortunate than I am. But I am tired of being passed over every time a reunion comes around only because those that are planning it can't figure out that some of us can't afford the Goertzen, Frose, Willms, Rosa, Klassen, Hebner...etc. lifestlyle. Our class was big...but the last reunion had only 34 people in attendance. Doesn't that tell you something?? If you are truly interested in bringing this class together for a proper reunion where ALL are included...perhaps you ( Wendy , Beth, Rose, Lori, al...) should make it more accessable for everyone. 

04/09/15 01:58 AM #16    


Wendy Goertzen (Froese)

Jennifer, I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t felt like you could attend any of the previous reunions. It has never been intended to be a time for only a portion of the class. However, planning class reunions is a challenge … there is never a date or ‘event’ that will work out or appeal to everyone. That is why everyone’s input as to when it is held and what we do is always encouraged and greatly appreciated. I’m always thrilled that people are still interested in getting together after all these (decades) years!

Each reunion is different … on purpose. When planning a reunion, the type of social events planned are aimed at being worthy of peoples’ time, giving everyone the opportunity to spend ample time catching up with one another, and having multiple events/activities over two days gives more opportunities to do this, especially as we only do this every 5 years. It is always hoped that people are able to make all events but sometimes only one is convenient and that is all they actually attend. We also recognize that not everyone lives locally, but it is kept in the Niagara area as that is where the school was located. For those of us who do not live locally (including those who live out of area/province/country who like to attend) there may be family or friends still in the area who might provide lodging or coordinate a visit with at the same time, making it worthy and affordable to make the journey to town.

At the last reunion the topic of Bermuda came up and it ended with Mark graciously offering to plan a trip for anyone interested. It obviously isn’t a trip that many people can make, but for those that want to, Mark is investing a lot of time to plan a trip that will be fun and memorable and I thank him for those efforts.

The class website is a venue for us all to stay in touch (as you know) and for those that are unable to attend the reunions, hopefully they will continue to feel connected. The more information shared on our personal profiles, the easier it is to understand demographics and challenges when planning a reunion.

Many hands go into making things come together, and it is always appreciated to have people volunteer their time to make the reunion organized and fun Anyone interested in helping out can always contact me. Please let me know if you are interested. Also, there are no rules as to when we get together. If you want to organize something in-between the 5 years, by all means do so, and let me know so I can ‘advertise’ it on the website so it gets out to everyone. I am happy to do what I can.


04/09/15 06:41 PM #17    


Luanne Berg (Kulchar)

Hi Guys,

I would like to make a suggestion to the "out of town" people.  Perhaps those of us who have the availability  to host "out of towners", could do so, now that I only have one child still living at home, I would be open to having a couple stay with me as we have an extra room.     Just a thought!   Luanne

04/10/15 10:18 AM #18    


Sharon Andres (Dirks)

Planning stuff to accommodate so many people is very, very hard.  I want to bless Wendy for the hard work she has put into these events over the years.  She has gone above and beyond the call of duty out of love for her classmates.  And of course, others of you have also put in crazy amounts of work to pull these off.  And, lets take the suggestions to be more inclusive of everyone seriously, and I will offer my house with Luanne as well.  We're possibly the only two who still live so close to the old schooll.  I'd be happy to host some of you at my place the next time we meet. 

01/23/18 08:51 PM #19    

Joanne Heidebrecht (Schellenberg)

Looking forward to the 40th reunion in June! Always a good time to catch up. Really hoping many of you can attend. Jo

05/31/18 04:52 PM #20    


Luanne Berg (Kulchar)

Can't wait to see everyone June 23, 2018.  Come prepared to have a lot of fun! See you at the reunion!

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