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Profile Updated: November 5, 2017
Residing In: Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Canada
Spouse/Partner: Larry
Children: Maegen born October 22, 1983, Matthew born October 22, 1985, Adam (Daniel) born March 10, 1988
Occupation: Town of NOTL - Offically Retired - Currently working for Hummel Properties in St. Davids and A&M Electric , NOTL - accounting
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Grades at Eden:

9-11, Grade 12 at Niagara District Secondary

Favorite School Memory:

Long life friends. When I talk about our reunions, people are amazed that our class has kept in touch. God has been good to our class in keeping us in touch.

Favorite Teacher:

Mr. Loewen


After college, I worked at Chef-BoyRDee in Niagara Falls, for 21 years in accounting/traffic and payroll. When the plant closed, I spent a brief time (1 1/2 years) at The Niagara Institute (Conference Board of Niagara) before securing my present job for the Town of NOTL in the office at the arena.
I work part-time, teaching swimming lessons and aquafit for the Town of NOTL during the summer evenings.
I also taught aerobics classes (25 years with the Board) and now teach my own classes with the Town of NOTL.

I started up and coached the Eden swim team for a couple of years along with the Niagara District Secondary swim team. Presently I manage our local NOTL summer swim team.

Larry is VP of Operations / Project Manager at Timbro Construction in Welland.

Matt has graduated Niagara College with a Computer Engineering Tech diploma and is working full time in construction at the new hospital in Oakville. Matt was married August 10, 2013 to Megan (yes another Maegen) and purchased his first home in Niagara Falls. Megan is studying Early Childhood Education at Niagara College in Welland. Megan is going back to University to finish her degree in General Admin.

Our oldest Maegen got married in July 19, 2014 here in NOTL at our church Niagara United Mennonite. We love our new son-in-law to be, Maeg couldn't have made a better choice. They both work in Kingston, Maeg in TV ( and Adam in Radio at the opposing station, so this makes like interesting for them. They recently both a house and are very happy. Maegen and Adam recently adopted a tiny Mexican dog, the sweetest thing ever.

Adam (Daniel) has graduated from Niagara College with Immigration and Boarder diploma but decided to go back to school for Health/Science at Georgian College in Barrie and then from Niagara College with a PSW diploma .
This year he has will finish his studies at Niagara College as a physico/occupational therapist assistant. He is back teaching swimming lessons at the outdoor pool in NOTL for the summer and loves it.

So in case you are slightly confused by the names, here is the run down:
Matthew is married to Megan
Maegen is married to Adam
Adam (Dan) is single, but we have encouraged him to find a Maegen.

We attend Niagara United Mennonite Church in NOTL.

We recently just lost all three of our little 4 pawed friends within nine months, Jessie was 19, Rocky was 14 (both cats) and Teddy Bear (dog) was 17. It is quite lonely at the moment, but hopefully soon we can fill our house with the clicking of little paws.

Dan our youngest has graduated with a diploma in Occupational/Physical Therapy Assistant. He would like to work with children in a pool setting or brain injury patients.

Dec 15, 2015 - I started coaching a Special Olympics Swim Team of young to older adults in St. Catharines, it's a challenge but rewarding. My son Dan is also helping me with the team.

We also recently adopted a little Scottish Terrier/ Mini Poodle (although there is no "miniature" in this sweet dog. His name is Georgie. We also acquired another tiny kitten, who was very ill when we got him, but thanks to the vet and many $, he is very healthy and Goergie's best friend. His name is Darth Vader.

April - 2016
Now for the most exciting news. I am an Oma My oldest , Maegen and her husband Adam have a beautiful baby girl, Briana Margaret-Anne, born April 2016. Larry and I adore our little Bri, what a great feeling being a grand parent.

2017 - Officially retired from The town of NOTL, Life could not be better.
I can't just sit at home as I go crazy so I took a position at Hummel Properties and A&M Electric in NOTL and love the diversity.

On Oct 13 I had a total knee replacement at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. My surgeon was amazing, within 1 week I was walking with no assistance. I am able to return to work within 3 weeks which is incredible. Hopefully the other knee can be replaced within 6 months. The first week and a half was a bit painful but manageable. Everyday gets easier. God definitely had his hands on Dr. Wright and his staff.

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2003 Reunion
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Larry and I have become first time grandparents on April 14, 2016. Our daughter Maegen (Adam) gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Briana Margaret-Anne. She is so adorable. A new chapter has begun for "Oma and Opa".

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Posted: Mar 10, 2014 at 12:00 AM
2008 Reunion
Posted: Mar 10, 2014 at 12:00 AM
2003 Reunion
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Posted: Mar 10, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:32 AM
Wedding of our oldest son Matt to Megan August 10, 2013
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:32 AM
Engagement of our oldest Maegen to Adam Bergeron- wedding July 19, 2014
(note the first 4 letters of his last name LOL, I guess this was meant to be)